Contemporary Family Dentistry

1016 NW Newport Ave. Bend OR, 97701
(541) 389 - 1107

Contemporary Family Dentistry

1016 NW Newport Ave. Bend OR, 97701
(541) 389 - 1107


Contemporary Family Dentistry

Dr. Brad JohnsonContemporary Family Dentistry located in Bend, Oregon is made up of Dr. Brad Johnson and his team of six dental professionals. Dr. Johnson and his staff are pioneering the treatment of the whole person through dentistry to provide better health.

OfficeAt Contemporary Family Dentistry we are committed to your dental health. Use the links at the top of the page to navigate through the different treatments that we have to offer. Thank you for visiting our site and we hope that you find everything you are looking for.

If you have further questions please callus at (541) 389-1107 to speak with our staff.

Dr. Johnson

Dr. Brad JohnsonDr. Johnson graduated from Oregon State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry/Biophysics. Following, he did three years of dental research along with teaching Biochemistry to dental students. In 1981 he attended Oregon Health Science University and received his DMD degree in 1985. He has successfully started several practices in Oregon -- Salem, Mill City and Mount Angel -- before settling in 1997 at his current practice in Bend, Oregon.

Dr. Johnson is an active member in the dental, orthodontic, TM joint disorders, and sleep disorders professional organizations with his memberships in the following groups:

  • American Dental Association
  • Academy of General Dentistry
  • International Association for Orthodontics
  • American Association for Functional Orthodontics
  • American Academy of Craniofacial Pain
  • Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine

What Patients Say

Patti A. - March 2013

The entire staff at Contemporary Family Dentistry is exceptional. I have issues and they work to make those issues seem minimal. Their work is superb. Their care and objectives to keep me healthy are excellent. I highly recommend their facility and will continue to choose them as my dentist family. I encourage you to also.

Marianne F. - February 2013

Dr. Johnson & staff are Terrific! I am terrified of the dentist. The staff is very welcoming and they do their best to make you feel comfortable. They are extremely caring and understanding. Dr. Johnson is very thorough and will explain everything to you. I highly recommend this office.

Karin M. - November 2012

I came to Dr. Johnson due to a dental emergency. I was seen immediately and the problem was resolved. Dr. Johnson’s staff was phenomenal. Michelle handled all insurance arrangements. The work I had done took several weeks from beginning to end. The end result exceeded my expectations. Dr. Johnson is wonderful at explaining all my dental work and making sure everything is done correctly and that his patients are satisfied. His staff is wonderful and made me feel comfortable and at ease. As a person with a great case of dental anxiety, this was relieving. I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Johnson and his team.

Karman - December 2008

Dr Johnson and his staff are so friendly and professional everytime I come into the office. The crew defiantly makes me feel like part of the family! It's nice to have a dentist that cares! I am 33 and had orthodontics done by Dr J and my teeth are so strait and beautiful. I have the smile I always dreamed of and it's better than I ever imagined! I'm very excited, I finally have that perfect smile! Thanks Dr J and staff! Go Ducks!!!

Elissa - March 2008

I can’t sleep without my night guard every night. I have fewer migraines and it has significantly decreases my jaw pain. Actually it eliminated my pain!

Helen - February 2008

“It” worked! “It” being the partial denture you made for my husband. By opening his mouth by 8 millimeters he was able to breathe at night and not snore. He had been on a C-Pap machine for several years and was able to sleep without it. That was such a blessing. Thanks, Dr Brad.

Corrina - April 2006

I was on two different migraine medications before I went under treatment by Dr Johnson. Dr Johnson had said in the past that I was a probable TMJ problem because my jaw was popping every time I opened my mouth wide and the headaches I was having. After my jaw completely popped out of joint and was not going back in, I decided I would have to do something. What was so amazing about the treatment I had from Dr Johnson was that not only my jaw pain was gone, my sleep improved, my headaches are virtually gone and I no longer take migraine medicine. Before my treatment I was taking a sleep aid medication almost every night which I no longer need and I get a better night sleep now then I ever have. It really surprised and intrigued me how related the TMJ is to the well-being of your entire body! I would recommend this treatment to anyone; it is defiantly worth the cost.

Garan - March 2007

When I first went into Dr. Johnson’s office on 5/4/2006 I was suffering from headaches at least two weeks out of every month plus a stiff neck and right shoulder pain most of the time. Also I did not realize how much sleep I was missing at night until I started the treatment for my TMJ.

After receiving my daytime and nighttime mouth orthodics it was very interesting to see the difference they made in my upper body strength and reflexes. I work out on weights 5 days a week and found I could lift more weight when I wore my daytime mouth piece. Within a few nights of wearing my nighttime mouth piece I noticed sleeping very sound at night and not tossing and turning all night. Also I did not wake up with a sore jaw in the morning like I did in the past.

I wore my daytime mouthpiece for several months. I work as a customer service representative and at a front counter. I am on the phone all day and take care of customers at the front counter. My daytime mouthpiece did not interfere with my work at all. I eventually was able to stop wearing my daytime mouthpiece but I continue to wear the nighttime one. Dr. Johnson and his staff have been absolutely wonderful in helping me through my treatment for my TMJ. I wished I had known years ago that such a simple treatment could have saved me allot of pain and sleepless nights. I cannot remember the last headache I had and after suffering with them for years that’s amazing to me. I cannot thank Dr. Johnson and his staff enough. A little advice though for anyone who has dogs. Keep your mouthpieces out of their reach; they love them as the newest fad in chewy toys.

Dee - January 2007

Hello to all at Dr. J’s office,

I first started out with a hard plastic night guard that I honestly hated to wear. It was not comfortable at all. Well after my dog bless her heart got a hold of my hated night guard, I had to visit Dr. Johnson and confess my lack of care, Dr Johnson quickly ordered a new night deprogrammer for me and WOW I could not believe what a difference. The soft inside is so comfortable it feels like night and day compared to my previous. With my old night guard I would wake and my teeth felt like they were going to fall out. After waking it would take a bit for my teeth to find there place, with my new night deprogrammer when I wake my teeth feel as if they were pampered all night long. With my new night deprogrammer my habit of grinding, clinching and tapping has come to an end!!! I LOVE IT…….. REALLY…

Meet Our Staff

Dr. Johnson and his staff are committed to your dental care and health needs. The relationship we have with our patients is very important to us. We strive to be perceptive and sensitive to the feelings of our patients, and strive to create a stress free environment. Before treatment is undertaken, we consult with our patients so there is a full understanding of the recommended treatment. It is our goal to educate our patients about the ideal dental treatment available, and assist you in choosing your best option. If at any time, you have a question about your treatment, or our service, please discuss it with us promptly and openly. We welcome your comments and suggestions.

Heather Johnson