Gums are just as important to the aesthetic of a smile as the teeth. Gaps near the gum line can distract from an otherwise perfect smile. If you see gaps between your teeth and gums, you might not need to alter your teeth. Instead, consider getting dermal fillers for your gums. At Contemporary Family Dentistry, Dr. Henderson is a member of the American Academy of Facial Esthetics. She has the knowledge and experience to walk you through the dermal filler process. We can fill unaesthetic black triangles and other gaps between teeth easily!

The gums are simply a covering for the bone. Gaps between your teeth may be a sign of bone loss, which can be a considerable problem. The jawbone is what holds your teeth in place. Bone loss due to untreated gum or periodontal disease can ultimately result in your teeth being overexposed, sensitive, and even loose. If active bone loss is what’s causing your gaps, our team can work with you to improve gum health and treat gum disease. Over time, your gaps may solve themselves with healthier gums. If gaps exist for another reason, or even despite healthy gums, we have a solution. We will evaluate the height of your gums and discuss a few potential ways to enhance your smile. Ask us for an esthetic evaluation, and we’ll know just what you mean. If we think dermal fillers for the gums are the perfect answer to your problem, we’ll schedule the appointment right at our Bend office.

We use Juvederm, hyaluronic acid, to fill the area between the gums and teeth, to eliminate black triangles (as the dentists call them). This is a relatively new treatment that’s seen excellent results. There is sometimes no other option to fill the gaps. Traditional gum grafts may not work if you have bone loss. Dermal fillers, on the other hand, can fill triangles to make a smile more pleasing even with bone loss. Fillers are a cost-effective and simple way to eliminate this problem. Note that you will have to return every six months for another injection to maintain results.


Gaps between teeth can sometimes be remedied by moving your teeth closer together with braces or Invisalign. It may require reshaping the teeth first, followed by 6 months to 2 years in braces or Invisalign. Another method for closing the gap between teeth is dental bonding, adding filling material between the teeth, but it may result in abnormally shaped teeth in certain cases.

In most cases though, those solutions are not adequate to close the gaps between the teeth. Until recently, dentists told their patients to “deal with it” and “there is nothing that can be done.” Dentists today are able to use the same products that the cosmetic industry has been using to plump up the lips to now plump up the gums. Dr. Henderson just happens to be one of the only dentists in Central Oregon with experience performing dermal fillers for the gums. Thanks to her dedication to continuing education, she has the expertise to offer the latest and greatest dental services to her patients. Dermal fillers are something she believes will really help a lot of people in Bend.

Dermal fillers may be a prime solution to fill unsightly gaps between the teeth that have previously been untreatable. It is an easy, noninvasive way to close triangles immediately. It’s a technique that more and more dentists are offering, but you can be the first of your friends to get it in Bend. Dermal fillers are an easy and affordable solution that can transform your smile immediately. To learn more, give us a call!


Celebrities like Madonna flaunt their natural gaps, while others (e.g., Demi Lovato) went with a seamless smile. If you want to fix a gap between your teeth, or make one smaller, we have the tools to do so at Contemporary Family Dentistry. Tooth bonding is the treatment of choice we’d recommend to anyone with a gap they want gone for good. Bonding is a resin material that attaches to teeth in any desired shape. Bonding can fill in gaps, fix chips, and solve tooth discoloration. You can have the exact smile you want with this simple remedy!


Whether you’ve always had the imperfection that’s bothering you or something like an accident gave you a chipped tooth, bonding can help. Tooth bonding uses a tooth-colored material that attaches to the tooth using an ultraviolet light. Once the material hardens, it creates a long-lasting look that can come in a color that matches your existing teeth. Bonding is a great solution for problems such as:

  • Undesired gaps or spaces between teeth  
  • Decayed teeth or cavities
  • Discolored teeth
  • Cracked or chipped teeth
  • Teeth that look too short
  • Misshapen teeth
  • Exposed tooth roots

Bonding is done with a strong resin that is easy to apply and affordable for patients. It is an excellent alternative to silver amalgam fillings, and perfect for smiles that need a little something extra. There is little to no preparation required for bonding, and anesthesia is generally not required (unless you’re using bonding to fill a cavity). Once completed, you’ll have a brand new smile. You will need to revisit your dentist to repair bonding over the years, as it is not as durable as other forms of tooth restoration solutions, such as crowns. Your dentist will be able to tell you if it’s right for you!


There are two types of bonding: direct composite bonding and adhesive bonding. Direct composite bonding is when the dentist uses tooth-colored composites to repair teeth or fill cavities. The dentist can apply these materials directly, and sculpt them to the surface of the teeth for a perfect look and feel. This type of bonding is ideal for minor cosmetic makeovers, and on teeth that don’t do a lot of chomping, like the front teeth. A small gap between the teeth or chip on a tooth can be changed quickly by direct composite bonding.

Adhesive bonding is the process of attaching a restorative element to an existing tooth, such as ceramic crowns, veneers, or bridges. If a tooth has been badly broken, is discolored, or needs dramatic recontouring, direct composite bonding will not be possible. The process of bonding will be used to adhere the ceramic, but the ceramic restoration must be fabricated outside of the mouth to create the proper form and esthetics. Refer to the sections on crowns, veneers, and bridges.

At Contemporary Family Dentistry, we offer direct composite bonding and fillings that are BPA-free! Our materials don’t contain harmful resin monomers like outdated versions do. We use Voco Ormocer, the latest and greatest in dental bonding technology. This is a product that can replace traditional plastic resin filling materials. If you have older fillings, don’t worry! They’ve never been proven to have harmful effects. Just know that our office now offers state-of-the-art bonding and filling materials for your benefit.

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Bonding is one of the most affordable cosmetic dental procedures. It is a common solution to a variety of aesthetic problems. It typically takes one short office visit to receive bonding, with no need for preparation or removal of tooth enamel. You will not need anesthesia unless you want it for relaxation during the procedure. Keep in mind that bonding is not as strong as your regular teeth. You should not chew hard candies, chew your nails, or chew on pens with bonding. To see if this treatment can achieve your smile goals, contact us!


Veneers are excellent choices for total smile makeovers. Veneers deliver dramatic results, completely restoring teeth for a brighter, more beautiful smile. They are very natural looking – no one will be able to tell what you did, but they will definitely see a difference! The right veneers can completely change your appearance. Don’t take our word for it – come to our office in Bend and we’ll show you stunning before and after photos. Let us tell you how veneers can change your life.


Veneer is a thin ceramic or porcelain material that can beautifully recreate the natural appearance of teeth. They are strong, resilient, and safe for the gum tissues. Veneers are resistant to stains and keep teeth strong, as they don’t require the shaping of teeth underneath like crowns do. They may be the ideal approach to smile restoration if your teeth are healthy, but require aesthetic help, such as reparation of chips, cracks, gaps, crooked teeth, and discoloration. Your dentist will custom-fit your veneers to perfectly match the look you want. The process for getting veneers typically requires three office visits:

  1. Initial consultation. During your first visit, you and your dentist will discuss your long-term smile goals. Your dentist will examine your teeth, gums, and root system to make sure veneers are an appropriate solution. Veneers aren’t ideal for people with gum disease, tooth decay, weak teeth, or those who clench or grind their teeth. Our dentists can help you explore all your restoration options.
  2. Preparation of teeth. If veneers are the best option for you, we will schedule an appointment to prepare for the procedure. Your dentist will need to remove a bit of your enamel to make room to add the thin layer of veneer. You may or may not need local anesthesia for this process – it’s up to you! We will then create a model or impression of your teeth to design the perfect veneers, using top modern technologies.
  3. Placement of veneer. After a few weeks, you will come back to the office for final placement of your new veneers. The dentist will first temporarily place the veneers on your teeth to check for fit and color. Once modifications are made to make them perfect, the dentist will begin the adhesive bonding process, securing the veneer to your tooth, and the process is completed!


Unlike some other smile restoration options, you do have to care for veneers with special attention. They are not indestructible, but for the most part will be fine with regular care of your teeth. Brush and floss veneers like you would your regular teeth, using a non-abrasive fluoride toothpaste. Reducing your intake of stain-inducing foods and drinks like red wine and coffee is a good idea with veneers, to keep them looking like new.

No matter how well you care for your veneers, you will eventually need to replace them. The material will not last forever. Proper oral hygiene, however, can extend their lifespan. Veneers can completely transform your mouth. You’ll be amazed at how much of an improvement veneers can make to even the most troublesome smile. You can have the smile you’ve always wanted with our help! Come to Contemporary Family Dentistry for your initial consultation about getting veneers, to see if you’re a good candidate. We can also go over other restoration options with you.


Store-bought products tend to cost much more than they’re worth, delivering poor results. Instead of wasting your time and money, whiten your teeth the safe, ultra-effective way at Contemporary Family Dentistry. We provide in-office teeth whitening as well as custom trays for you to take home and keep your smile white for years to come.


Over time, your teeth can change color for a variety of reasons. Even with proper oral hygiene, your teeth can fall prey to common discoloration causes. Coffee, tea, soda, and red wine can all stain your teeth due to chromogens, or pigments, that attach to your enamel. Tobacco use can stain your teeth from tar and nicotine, as can certain medications and antibiotics. Simply getting older can result in tooth discoloration, as the outer layer of enamel thins and shows the lower yellowish layer (the dentin).

Over-the-counter whitening solutions, such as whitening toothpastes, trays, or stain removers, often do not deliver the desired results. They may be effective to a small degree, but will not compare to the exceptional results you’ll see with an in-office treatment or trays from your dentist.

Whitening at the dentist is fast, controlled, and highly effective. At Contemporary Family Dentistry, we handle whitening with the utmost professionalism. We use state-of-the-art techniques, tools, and products to achieve a sparkling white with long-term results. Our methods are proven, certified, and completely safe. You’ll have a brilliantly white smile in no time.


Everyone wants a whiter smile! Bright white teeth are signs of a healthy person. A whiter smile could give you the boost of confidence you need during job interviews, first dates, and important events like senior portraits or wedding photos. If you’re self-conscious about the color of your teeth, you’re not alone. Fortunately, there is a local solution that will garner real results – Contemporary Family Dentistry!

We don’t recommend investing in store-bought whitening solutions – not because we’re a dentist office and want your business, but because they don’t really work that well for one or more of the following reasons:

  • If you have slightly crooked or rotated teeth, something like whitening strips will leave portions of your teeth discolored.
  • Store-bought trays won’t fit your mouth, and can lead to painful gum irritation.
  • Toothpastes and washes typically don’t do anything at all.
  • Trendy solutions like activated charcoal can have negative effects on the gums and enamel from scratchy granules and leave a black outline around your gumline.
  • Percentages of the active ingredient, hydrogen peroxide, is not available over-the-counter in strengths high enough to get dramatic whitening.

If you want real results, you need to get professional-strength products. The only proven, tried-and-true teeth whitening solution is one you’ll find at your dentist’s office. Other solutions go generally unregulated, with no way to tell what bleaching agents or dosages they’re using. Don’t take a gamble on your oral health and hygiene. It’s not worth the risk. Go the safe, effective route with in-office cleanings at Contemporary Family Dentistry, where we can get whitening up to three shades in only 20 min. We can also create custom whitening trays for you to take home and use with strengths only available at your dentist’s office. Contact us today for more information! You could be just an appointment away from a brand new smile.


White spots and specks that don’t match the color of the rest of your teeth can stand out when you smile – and not in a good way. If you’re one of many people with this problem, don’t worry! We have your perfect solution at Contemporary Family Dentistry, right here in Bend. We can help your naturally beautiful smile shine through.


Unusual white spots on enamel are more common problems than you might think. White spots can occur for many reasons, when there is any disruption to the process of tooth development. Interruptions can create spots of bright white that don’t blend in with the rest of your teeth. This can lead to self-consciousness when you smile. Possible causes white spots on teeth include:

  • Demineralization of tooth enamel from a buildup of bacterial plaque
  • Generalized enamel defects from nutritional deficiencies or fever during childhood
  • Localized enamel defects due to trauma
  • Fluorosis, or ingesting too much fluoride during tooth development

Luckily, there are treatments when these issues do occur. You don’t have to live with unsightly white spots blemishing your teeth forever. Let our team of experienced dentists and hygienists perfect your smile!


A visit to your local dentist can help you get to the bottom of what’s causing your white spots, so you can take steps to avoid them in the future. If white spots show as symptoms of underlying tooth decay, your dentist can solve this problem before removing the white spots. Once you’re ready for white spot removal, we’ll talk you through a few of your options:

  • Professional bleaching. In-office teeth cleaning with bleaching agents, or professional custom whitening trays, can make the surrounding area of the teeth look whiter to diminish the look of white spots on your teeth, as well as make your entire smile whiter and brighter.
  • ICON resin infiltration. The procedure is similar to filling a chip in your car windshield. When the windshield is chipped, the fractured area looks white, due to the refraction of light through the chip. But, when the chip is penetrated with resin, the chip becomes more transparent and less noticeable. Similarly, a tooth may have a white spot when the enamel has been damaged. If the white spot is penetrated with resin, the spot becomes less noticeable. This product has only been on the market for a few years and is a game-changer in the dental industry. If you have been previously told by a dentist that there was nothing that you can do for your white spot, contact us a Contemporary Family Dentistry right away!
  • Veneers. If white spots are particularly unsightly or stubborn, consider veneers. Veneers are thin layers of ceramic material that go over your regular tooth. They are very natural looking and can greatly improve the look of your smile.

Whether you’re an expecting mother, a parent with a young child, or an adult, talk to our dentists about preventing white spots. If they’ve already formed on teeth, consult with us for the best solution for your goals. We can give you tips for children with braces, and recommend treatments to banish white spots for a seamlessly white smile. Talk to us today for more facts about pesky white spots!

If you need dental x-rays, we have the equipment to do them right in our office. We won’t pass you off to other offices or dentists – you can come to us for all of your family dentistry needs. Exams and x-rays can speak volumes about the state of your smile, and help us discuss potential solutions to issues you’re experiencing. We can identify problems like cysts, tumors, decay, and teeth that have yet to come in. Our advanced, digital radiography is the latest technology for our patients. It reduces radiation exposure, gives instant viewing, and is environmentally friendly!

We want you to completely understand your needs, and make an educated, informed decision about treatment with our help. You’ll find the solutions you need at our Bend office!


Sometimes it’s not your teeth that get in the way of a perfect smile, but your gums. Having a “gummy” smile, or one that shows too much of your gums, is a common thing that some people aren’t happy with. Not enough gum tissue can also be a problem. If your gums are interfering with the smile you want, Contemporary Family Dentistry has a couple of different solutions. We can make changes to your smile that you may never have thought possible!


What we call gum recontouring, or gum reshaping, can refer to a few different cosmetic procedures. If you were born with uneven gums, gums that show too much, or a hypermobile lip, there are several ways to achieve the smile you want. Two procedures we may recommend for gum recontouring are gingivectomy or crown lengthening.

Gingivectomy or crown lengthening can be performed to fix gummy smiles. This procedure uses modern dental technology to remove and reshape gum tissue for the look you want. We use a local anesthetic so you won’t feel a thing. We can reduce the amount of gum tissue in your smile and even out gum lines for a more pleasing, symmetric look. Once your gums heal, you can enjoy a smile that’s no longer all gums, but that shows off your beautiful teeth!


Another reason you may see too much of your gums when you smile is a hypermobile lip, literally, your lip moves too high up exposing too much gum tissue. If you have a hypermobile lip, you may be a candidate for Botox or other paralytics to decrease the movement of the lip. When the lip is no longer able to move up as high, the improvement in your smile can be dramatic. Botox, and other paralytics, typically last for 3-6 months. For a longer lasting solution, we may refer you for a surgery to sever the muscle that elevates the lip can solve this problem. No matter what’s causing your gummy smile, we have your solution. Reach out today to schedule your first appointment right here in Bend!

If you need dental x-rays, we have the equipment to do them right in our office. We won’t pass you off to other offices or dentists – you can come to us for all of your family dentistry needs. Exams and x-rays can speak volumes about the state of your smile, and help us discuss potential solutions to issues you’re experiencing. We can identify problems like cysts, tumors, decay, and teeth that have yet to come in. Our advanced, digital radiography is the latest technology for our patients. It reduces radiation exposure, gives instant viewing, and is environmentally friendly!

We want you to completely understand your needs, and make an educated, informed decision about treatment with our help. You’ll find the solutions you need at our Bend office!

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