Gums are just as important to the aesthetic of a smile as the teeth. Gaps near the gum line can distract from an otherwise perfect smile. If you see gaps between your teeth and gums, you might not need to alter your teeth. Instead, consider getting dermal fillers for your gums. At Contemporary Family Dentistry, Dr. Henderson is a member of the American Academy of Facial Esthetics. She has the knowledge and experience to walk you through the dermal filler process. We can fill unaesthetic black triangles and other gaps between teeth easily!

The gums are simply a covering for the bone. Gaps between your teeth may be a sign of bone loss, which can be a considerable problem. The jawbone is what holds your teeth in place. Bone loss due to untreated gum or periodontal disease can ultimately result in your teeth being overexposed, sensitive, and even loose. If active bone loss is what’s causing your gaps, our team can work with you to improve gum health and treat gum disease. Over time, your gaps may solve themselves with healthier gums. If gaps exist for another reason, or even despite healthy gums, we have a solution. We will evaluate the height of your gums and discuss a few potential ways to enhance your smile. Ask us for an esthetic evaluation, and we’ll know just what you mean. If we think dermal fillers for the gums are the perfect answer to your problem, we’ll schedule the appointment right at our Bend office.

We use Juvaderm, hyaluronic acid, to fill the area between the gums and teeth, to eliminate black triangles (as the dentists call them). This is a relatively new treatment that’s seen excellent results. There is sometimes no other option to fill the gaps. Traditional gum grafts may not work if you have bone loss. Dermal fillers, on the other hand, can fill triangles to make a smile more pleasing even with bone loss. Fillers are a cost-effective and simple way to eliminate this problem. Note that you will have to return every six months for another injection to maintain results.


Gaps between teeth can sometimes be remedied by moving your teeth closer together with braces or Invisalign. It may require reshaping the teeth first, followed by 6 months to 2 years in braces or Invisalign. Another method for closing the gap between teeth is dental bonding, adding filling material between the teeth, but it may result in abnormally shaped teeth in certain cases.

In most cases though, those solutions are not adequate to close the gaps between the teeth. Until recently, dentists told their patients to “deal with it” and “there is nothing that can be done.” Dentists today are able to use the same products that the cosmetic industry has been using to plump up the lips to now plump up the gums. Dr. Henderson just happens to be one of the only dentists in Central Oregon with experience performing dermal fillers for the gums. Thanks to her dedication to continuing education, she has the expertise to offer the latest and greatest dental services to her patients. Dermal fillers are something she believes will really help a lot of people in Bend.

Dermal fillers may be a prime solution to fill unsightly gaps between the teeth that have previously been untreatable. It is an easy, noninvasive way to close triangles immediately. It’s a technique that more and more dentists are offering, but you can be the first of your friends to get it in Bend. Dermal fillers are an easy and affordable solution that can transform your smile immediately. To learn more, give us a call!

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