Contemporary Family Dentistry is truly a dentist for the entire family. Kids scared to go to the dentist? Adults, too? We can solve both problems at one friendly, caring, and fun (yes, fun!) dental office. We are the source for incredible dentist office experiences and life-changing dental services in Bend. One visit and you’ll know you found a dentist you actually want to go to, today and forever!


The heart of any good dental office is its routine professional cleaning service. Our staff excel in routine cleanings. You can do a lot to help your teeth on your own with regular brushing and flossing, but nothing gets quite the same results as professional cleanings. During a professional cleaning, your hygienist will perform tasks such as:

  • Plaque removal. Over time, plaque builds up in every mouth. Dental plaque forms when you eat, drink, and even when you don’t do anything. Plaque is full of bacteria that stick to teeth and can cause major problems, like gum disease and tooth decay. Don’t live with nasty plaque covering your teeth. Come to us for expert cleaning and plaque removal.
  • Tartar removal. Tartar, also called calculus, is plaque that has stayed on the teeth long enough to cause it to harden and become more difficult to remove. Our office performs easy and painless tartar removal for adults and kids. We have a variety of numbing techniques to make the process comfortable for even the most squeamish patients.
  • Tooth polishing. We finish off our professional cleanings with the removal of minor stains on your enamel, for a smile that shines with bright, pearly whites! Polishing your teeth and removing minor stains can make a refreshing difference in your smile. If you want more intense whitening, we have services for that, too!

Regular professional teeth cleaning can give you a healthier, better-looking smile, but it does much more than that. It can prevent cavities, gingivitis, and periodontal disease. These are the problems that can cost much more money than routine cleanings down the road. Do yourself – and your teeth – a favor, and schedule regular cleanings with our skilled dentists and hygienists!


Contemporary Family Dentistry can also take care of the whole family’s dental exams and x-rays. We make the process simple and comfortable, walking patients through it step by step. Our exams are comprehensive, finding answers to issues you’re experiencing with your teeth and gums, or simply giving you an overview of your dental health and hygiene. We’ll evaluate things such as:

  • Overall oral status
  • Risk of decay and disease
  • Need for tooth restoration or replacement
  • Jaw and bite problems
  • Symptoms of clenching or grinding
  • Need for fluoride

If you need dental x-rays, we have the equipment to do them right in our office. We won’t pass you off to other offices or dentists – you can come to us for all of your family dentistry needs. Exams and x-rays can speak volumes about the state of your smile, and help us discuss potential solutions to issues you’re experiencing. We can identify problems like cysts, tumors, decay, and teeth that have yet to come in. Our advanced, digital radiography is the latest technology for our patients. It reduces radiation exposure, gives instant viewing, and is environmentally friendly!

We want you to completely understand your needs, and make an educated, informed decision about treatment with our help. You’ll find the solutions you need at our Bend office!


Sometimes dental problems can’t wait. At Contemporary Family Dentistry, we know how disruptive tooth pain and other dental issues can be to your daily life. That’s why we do our very best to get you in the same day when you’re experiencing an emergency. We’ll identify the source of your pain, list your treatment options, and handle the situation ASAP. Our team has years of experience with emergency dental care, and can get you exactly what you need without delay!


At Contemporary Family Dentistry, we welcome you to call us at the earliest sign of something wrong with your teeth or those of your child. We can consult with you over the phone and let you know our professional opinion about when you should come in, or if you should go to the local emergency room. If we hear symptoms or signs of an injury that does require our immediate emergency care, we’ll get your family an appointment right away in most cases.

Common emergency mouth injuries include:

  • Accident-related tooth breaks. If you bit into something hard, fell and hit your teeth, or suffered a sports-related mouth injury, you may need emergency care. These accidents can result in broken, cracked, or missing teeth. Chipped teeth and minor fractures can wait for our normal business hours. Anything worse, such as a tooth that gets knocked out, needs to be addressed right away.

  • If an accident did knock out one of your teeth, stay calm. Try to handle the tooth as little as possible. If you can put the tooth back in the socket, do so carefully, and hold it in place by biting down on a piece of sterile gauze or wet tea bag. Be extremely careful not to swallow the tooth. If you can’t replace the tooth, clean it off and put it in a baggie with milk or your saliva until you see a professional. Apply a cold, wet compress to stop bleeding from your open socket. If the only injury is the missing tooth, call us right away! If the injury is more severe or you cannot reach us, go to the emergency room.

  • Severe pain in your tooth. Sometimes emergencies aren’t as obvious as falling and losing a tooth. If you’re experiencing pain in one of your teeth or swelling of your gums, you may have an emergency such as an abscessed tooth, a loose filling, or damage to the tooth’s pulp tissues. In these scenarios, give us a call to schedule an emergency appointment. We can likely get you an appointment quickly to solve the problem.


When experiencing a dental emergency, call Contemporary Family Dentistry. We will listen to your story and advise you on whether or not to seek medical attention at a local hospital. If we have room to see you right away, we’ll schedule the appointment. We can often see you the very same day you call. If you call outside of our normal business hours, follow the directions on our answering machine and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

If you can’t wait, seek medical care instead. Again, if you knocked out a tooth, have a big piece of a tooth missing, a major crack, or feel like you have nerve damage, go to the hospital right away. The ER staff can help you learn whether or not your emergency can wait for your dentist. In a dental emergency, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. The actions you take in the first hour after the incident can make a difference in how you heal later. Just know that our team is available when you need us most, at our convenient Newport Avenue location!


Nothing can make you self-conscious about your smile more than a gap or chip in your tooth. What would you do if we told you that you don’t have to hide your smile anymore? Contemporary Family Dentistry offers a great solution to repair chipped, decayed, cracked, or discolored teeth – dental bonding. Ask about bonding today! Dr. Jessica Henderson understands that your smile is important to you, and can give you all the information you want and more about what you can do to improve your smile.


Dental bonding is ideal for bridging gaps in teeth, filling in cracks and chips, and erasing other irritating imperfections. While some think these imperfections add charm, others want them gone. If you’re someone who isn’t completely happy with his or her smile, come to us for an idea of what dental bonding could do for you. We can customize solutions just for you. Here are some facts about dental bonding:

  • It’s easy. Tooth bonding is one of the simplest dental procedures we offer. The tooth-colored composite resin bonds easily to your teeth, with no preparation or anesthesia necessary in most cases.
  • It’s affordable. Because of how easy the procedure is, it’s also cost effective! We use the resin, simple tools for bonding, and a laser or ultraviolet light to harden the material. It typically takes only about half an hour to complete this procedure!
  • It’s rewarding. Your bonding will blend seamlessly with your teeth once we’re finished. We start by choosing the resin color that most closely matches. Then, we shape and color the bonding for a perfect match!

With dental bonding, you can achieve the smile you want in no time. It’s an affordable, safe, and effective smile makeover you can enjoy right in Bend. Bonding can change the shape of your teeth, make them appear longer, close spaces, solve teeth discoloration, protect the roots of teeth due to gum recession, and provide an alternative to amalgam fillings. Contact us if you think tooth bonding is something you’re interested in exploring!


When a tooth decays or breaks down, a hole can form. This hole is what dentists call a “cavity.” Cavities are most common in kids, but adults can get them too due to changes that come with aging, such as gum recession and gum disease. Cavities are a result of the destruction of a tooth’s enamel, or the outer layer of the tooth. Plaque is the greatest cause of cavities – especially when sugars in candy or sodas make the bacteria in plaque produce a certain type of acid that’s harmful to your enamel. You can help prevent cavities with the following actions:

  • Visit your dentist for professional cleanings regularly. Professional services remove built- up plaque, give access to fluoride, and keep old fillings strong and less susceptible to leaks and tooth decay.
  • Brush regularly. Brush twice a day with toothpaste that contains fluoride. Clean between the teeth daily with floss or other inter-dental tool. Ask us about using supplemental fluoride to strengthen teeth, or sealants to help prevent tooth decay.
  • Eat right. Eating balanced, nutritious meals is great for tooth health. Limit snacking and consuming sugary foods and drinks.

Contemporary Family Dentistry can help you prevent cavities with professional cleanings. We can also detect cavities in their earliest stages for the easiest, most painless treatments. We offer cavity fillings using resin that will match the color of your teeth, instead of old-fashioned silver fillings. Don’t wait to seek help for a cavity. If you see a hole or black spot forming, or feel pain or sensitivity in one of your teeth, come to us for an exam. Prompt cavity treatment is much better than waiting for it to turn into something more serious. Call today to schedule your appointment!


The crown of a tooth is the part of the tooth you see, as opposed to the root of the tooth. When a tooth has been damaged from decay or fractures, a dental crown can replace the missing tooth structure, like a “cap” on your tooth. The goal of a dental crown is to make the tooth stronger and/or improve its shape and size. Crowns can also cover teeth that are misshapen or discolored.


When you come to Contemporary Family Dentistry, we will first perform a comprehensive dental exam and x-rays, if necessary, to get an idea of the state of your teeth and gums. If we determine that your tooth would benefit from a crown, we may recommend this type of treatment. If you decide to receive a dental crown or tooth bridge (used to replace missing teeth), here’s what to expect at our office:

  • Friendly service. From scheduling your appointment to the final goodbye with your new smile, you’ll have an exceptional experience at our office. Dr. Henderson and her team pride themselves in offering a different kind of dental experience. You won’t find cold, mean dentists here – we offer a warm, welcoming, and comfortable environment!
  • Tooth preparation. The first step in getting dental crowns is the exam and tooth preparation. We may take x-rays to check your roots first. We will then anesthetize the gum tissues and tooth in the desired area. We’ll make room for the crown by filing the tooth along the chewing surface, and/or we may add filling material to replace missing tooth structure.
  • Placement of the crown. We’ll then take impressions of your teeth to create the ideal crown for you. You will receive a temporary crown between your first and second dental visits. On your second visit, we’ll permanently cement the crown in place. We use the most durable ceramics on the market which replicate the color and translucency of your natural teeth while being up to 12 times stronger than your natural teeth. Dr. Henderson uses the latest and greatest in dental materials, and she uses a local dental lab, right here in Central Oregon.
  • Unlike dentures, dental crowns and tooth bridges are permanent fixtures in your mouth. Only a dentist can remove them. Our dentists and oral hygienists are more than happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have before, during, or after the process of getting dental crowns.

We can go over different sedation options, the ideal crown material for you, and other details during your appointment. Once we’re finished, you’ll have a smile that’s stronger, healthier, and brighter!


Crowns are excellent solutions to many dental problems because they are easier to maintain than dentures and other treatments. For the most part, you should not experience any issues with your dental crowns after final placement. However, your newly crowned tooth may feel sensitive for the first few days after the procedure. Using toothpaste for sensitive teeth during this time can help. If you feel pain when you bite down, however, this is a problem that your dentist must fix.

Chipped, loose, or lost crowns are also issues that we can fix. If you experience these problems with your crown, call us right away for advice. We will give you specific instructions for what to do and when to come in. We may need to make you a new crown if yours falls off, or if it has a bad chip or crack. Our team can help prepare you for what to expect after receiving dental crowns. We’re your trustworthy source for professional dental information!

If you need dental x-rays, we have the equipment to do them right in our office. We won’t pass you off to other offices or dentists – you can come to us for all of your family dentistry needs. Exams and x-rays can speak volumes about the state of your smile, and help us discuss potential solutions to issues you’re experiencing. We can identify problems like cysts, tumors, decay, and teeth that have yet to come in. Our advanced, digital radiography is the latest technology for our patients. It reduces radiation exposure, gives instant viewing, and is environmentally friendly!

We want you to completely understand your needs, and make an educated, informed decision about treatment with our help. You’ll find the solutions you need at our Bend office!


Missing teeth is a common occurrence that can happen from accidents, tooth decay, or old age. Fortunately, there are multiple solutions for people missing one or more teeth. At Contemporary Family Dentistry, we can get your smile looking as good as new! Our solutions for missing teeth can make chewing, talking, and smiling with abandon a breeze. We can restore your smile with bridges, dental implants, or removable partial dentures, right at our office in Bend.


A fixed tooth bridge is a long-term solution to fill in spaces where one or more teeth are missing. Fixed bridges bond to existing teeth or get cemented into place. They are not removable without assistance from a dentist. Bridges replace missing teeth, literally “bridging” the gaps in your mouth. Bridges look just like your existing teeth, with the ability to match shape and color to a tee. Bridges may be made of lifelike ceramics, that are durable and beautiful. They bond to surrounding teeth for support, to alleviate pressure on your existing teeth. A fixed bridge will involve two or more crowns for the teeth on either side of the gap, to use as anchors. Then, the bridge(s) or false tooth will sit between the anchors, cemented or bonded to the anchoring or abutment teeth for a strong, permanent fix. Bridges can stop existing teeth from becoming misplaced or taking too much stress. They can fix your smile, solve chewing problems, and help maintain the shape of your face!


If you don’t have natural teeth in the necessary place, implants may be necessary to serve as anchors for tooth bridges or as tooth replacements. Dental implants are artificial teeth that attach directly to the jaw, beneath the gums. Implants replace the tooth root, providing a strong and sturdy foundation for permanent or removable bridges. Dental implants will look, feel, and work like your own teeth. They fuse with the bone of your jaw to become permanent.

Dental implants are not dentures! They are permanent fixtures in your mouth. They are comfortable, stable, and don’t require reducing other teeth like bridges often do. You can leave your existing teeth intact. Implants are an excellent long-term choice that will remain usable for many years, or a lifetime with proper care. Implants are convenient, durable, and safe, without any of the drawbacks of removable dentures. They are a great choice for individual missing teeth.


Losing an adult tooth doesn’t have to mean living with an uncomfortable or unsightly gap for the rest of your life. Modern dentistry has a number of solutions for filling in missing teeth. One of the most popular tooth replacement options is a dental implant. Implants resemble real teeth more than other replacement options. They are permanent fixtures in your mouth, with artificial roots that fuse straight to your jawbone. There are two components necessary to restore your tooth – the implant, which is the part that attaches to the jawbone and most resembles the root of the tooth, and the implant crown, which is the hardware that attaches to the implant and most  resembles the tooth. With proper care, dental implants from Contemporary Family Dentistry can last a lifetime!


Implants don’t have to be scary. Our team excels at making even the most intense dental procedures a breeze for our patients. We prioritize patient comfort with painless, stress-free procedure options. We take the time to completely explain the process so you can feel safe and confident in what we’re doing. While each case is unique, here is the general process you can expect if you choose to receive dental implants with us:

  1. Consultation and initial exam. First, we’ll get to know you during a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Henderson or one of our other dentists or hygienists. We’ll talk about your goals for your smile and how we can help you achieve them. Your exam may include x-rays so we can get a clear picture of your teeth, gums, and roots. If you decide dental implants are for you, we’ll get started with preparation right away!
  2. Preparation for the implant. If you want to replace a damaged tooth with an implant or you lack the bone necessary for an implant to be placed, some preparation may be necessary. You will then go through a healing period that may last a few months.
  3. Placement of the implant. Once we believe the site is in prime condition to receive the implant, your jawbone will be anesthetized and an implant will be placed into the bone. You will again have to go through a period of healing before an implant crown can be placed onto your implant. Your jawbone growing around the implant and fusing with it is what makes this replacement so strong!
  4. Placement of the implant crowns. When the jaw bone has fused with the implant, Dr. Henderson and the team will begin the process to create a new tooth for you (called an implant crown) to match the shape, look, and feel of your existing teeth. This requires molds of your existing teeth and jawbone. Finally, we’ll place your final implant crown for a beautiful and functional finished product.

At Contemporary Family Dentistry, you no longer have to be scared to get procedures like dental implants done. We are friendly and talented, using the latest in dental science and technology to give our patients the best possible experiences. We have multiple sedation options, so don’t let fear keep you from being whole again. Being afraid doesn’t have to prevent you from enjoying a perfect smile or chewing your favorite meal. Our team makes replacing missing teeth easy and highly rewarding. Reach out to our office today for more information about dental implants!


If chewing, drinking, or even breathing makes cringe with pain, you have sensitive teeth. Tooth sensitivity is a common issue that may arise due to your enamel wearing down or your gums receding. Around 45 million people in the U.S. suffer from sensitive teeth! Hot and cold beverages, cold air, or touching your teeth can all be painful with this condition. Luckily, there is a solution! Contemporary Family Dentistry provides remedies for sensitive teeth.

The first step to treating tooth sensitivity is to determine the cause. A thorough examination will determine if the source of the sensitivity is from a cavity, a fractured tooth, or dentinal hypersensivity.


The tooth is composed of two layers of hard structure that contain the nerves and blood vessels in the center of the tooth. The outer layer of the tooth is called enamel and is the hardest substance in the body. Under the enamel is a slightly less hard substance called dentin. The dentin is the source of tooth sensitivity. The dentin contains tubules that transmit sensation to the inner core of the tooth that contains the nerves. It is the stimulation of these tubules that cause the pain you feel with sensitive teeth. Teenagers and young adults are at an increased risk for tooth sensitivity because the nerves or their teeth are very large and closer to the surface of the tooth. Another way that you could develop tooth sensitivity is if the dentin has become exposed by receding gums or worn enamel. Hot, cold (even air), or sweets may touch these areas and cause pain. This process is called dentinal hypersensitivity. While the process may be painful, it is not, by itself, damaging to the tooth.

Another way that you could end up with tooth sensitivity is from cracks in your teeth that allow hot and cold sensations to seep into the nerves. These cracks may develop naturally over time, as hot and cold temperature changes make your teeth expand and contract. The cracks may be microscopic and may be difficult even for a dentist to see. If you have sensitivity in a single tooth, call us to determine the cause right away before the problem gets worse! This type of  tooth sensitivity requires treatment that must be performed by a dentist. 

A third cause of a sensitive tooth is a cavity. Again, this type of sensitivity requires treatment from a dentist to prevent the loss of the tooth. A thorough exam must be performed to determine the cause of sensitivity.


With sensitive teeth, you may eat, chew, drink, and breathe differently to avoid feeling sharp pains. That’s no way to live! Let our dentists help you and restore your teeth back to being strong and shielded from hot and cold. As soon as you experience heightened sensitivity in one or more of your teeth for longer than three days, get an evaluation from Contemporary Family Dentistry. We can investigate the problem, determine its cause, and measure its extent. Then, we can effectively treat tooth sensitivity to eliminate pain.

With our help, you don’t have to live with sensitive teeth forever! Once we determine that your pain is not from a fracture or a cavity, we can carry out one of a few different types of treatments for sensitive teeth. We may recommend a solution as simple as using desensitizing toothpaste, or applying fluoride (professionally or at home) to the exposed areas of your tooth. These solutions can reduce pain and strengthen your enamel over time.

If those treatments by themselves are inadequate to relieve tooth sensitivity, we may elect to perform dental bonding. We can apply a bonding resin to the exposed area of the tooth to protect it from hot and cold elements. Or, if sensitivity comes from a receded gum line, a surgical gum graft can take tissue from elsewhere in your mouth and attach it to the affected site. A gum graft  remedies exposed roots and solves sensitivity. Maintaining oral health with our help can prevent future sensitivity from occurring.


Living with sensitive teeth can be a pain. Don’t just tolerate this problem – fix it! Come to Contemporary Family Dentistry in Bend for an exam and consultation about how best to fix tooth sensitivity. We have multiple solutions, and know that one is sure to be perfect for you. With our help, you can eat ice cream and hot soups without flinching in pain. Speak with Dr. Henderson or a member of her team today for more information!


Gum disease is something that can affect any mouth with the wrong circumstances. It’s important to learn about gum disease, find out how to prevent it, and visit your family dentist regularly to stay in control of gum disease before it becomes a major problem. The professionals at Contemporary Family Dentistry are here to help your whole family battle gum disease! We have the resources you need for clean, healthy gums.


“Gum disease” refers to a few different gum-related problems. Gingivitis is the most common, and means “inflammation of the gums.” Gingivitis can affect children and adults. It can cause sensitivity, swelling, redness, and bleeding of the gums during brushing. If your gums bleed when you floss, this may be a sign of gingivitis and should be taken seriously. A child telling you it hurts to brush is a red flag!

Periodontitis is a more severe form of gum disease. It refers to damage that reaches below the gums and into the bones and deep tissues that support the teeth. If an infection occurs in the shallow, V-shaped crevice between the tooth and gum (the sulcus), it is periodontitis. Periodontitis can ultimately lead to reduced bone levels and loose teeth. It is crucial to stop gum disease in its earliest stages, before it reaches the point of causing damage to your teeth or bones. Understanding what causes gum disease is a great start at preventing it.

Periodontitis happens for a few different reasons, and possibly a few of them together. First, there is a strong genetic component to gum disease. Did your parents lose their teeth early due to gum disease? If so, you may be at an increased risk for tooth loss. In addition, certain medical conditions, like smoking and diabetes, can make it worse. But, the most contributing factor to gum disease, is bacteria, plaque, on the teeth and gums. Bacteria release toxins that irritate the gums, and, in an attempt to kill the bacteria, your body destroys the bone around the teeth resulting in the loosening of the teeth. It is imperative that the bacteria be removed by a dentist or hygienist as soon as possible before permanent damage is done to the bone around your teeth.


Dr. Henderson has experience helping people solve and prevent periodontal disease. She wants to help you achieve your healthiest smile, and your gums and bone are the foundation for your smile. She and her team are here to tell you that caring for your teeth begins and ends with your gums! There are things you can do every day to prevent gum disease. Here are a few:

  • Brush, brush, brush! Brushing your teeth after meals, or at least twice per day, can remove plaque and food debris before they get the chance to cause damage. Don’t forget to brush along the gumline and your tongue to remove hidden bacteria.
  • Floss at least once per day. Flossing is great for your gum health! It removes lodged food that your toothbrush can’t reach. Flossing regularly strengthens your gums and makes them healthier. That’s why they stop bleeding with regular flossing!
  • Reduce risks. Smoking, eating unhealthy food, and simply getting older all increase your risk of gum disease. Defective fillings or bridges can also cause gum disease, as can conditions such as diabetes. Recognize your risks and visit your dentist regularly to stay on top of developing periodontal disease. A close relationship with your dentist can be a great asset to those at higher risk of gum disease!

As soon as you notice symptoms of gum disease, come to our office for treatment. Symptoms may include gums pulling away from the teeth, persistent bad breath, pus coming from gums, or loose teeth. Early treatment of gum disease is vital for the overall health of your mouth. We can help you prevent gum disease, treat existing problems, and reverse its negative effects with high-quality solutions. Let us help you combat gum disease, and keep your teeth forever


Oral cancer is one of the scariest diagnoses you can hear at your local dentist office. Fortunately, the “c” word doesn’t have to mean what it used to for patients. Today, we have the power to detect oral cancer early, optimizing the chance of successful treatment. Regular visits to Contemporary Family Dentistry can enable you to catch and treat oral cancer early, maximizing odds of a cure. We have the skills and tools to detect early signs of cancer, at which point we’ll fight it with everything we’ve got.


Like all forms of cancer, the more informed you are, the better. With our help, you can learn everything you need to know about oral cancer. While each case is different, here are a few general facts about oral cancer:

  • Every year, almost 50,000 people in the U.S. receive oral cancer diagnoses.
  • Some oral cancers do not produce visible early warning signs, while others do.
  • Oral cancer poses a high risk of secondary tumors elsewhere in the body.
  • There are several types of oral cancers, but squamous cell carcinomas are most common.
  • Most people are over the age of 40 when they discover oral cancer.
  • Age, tobacco use, alcohol, and persistent viral infections increase the risk of oral cancer.
  • Oral cancer is twice as common in men as it is in women.
  • Sun exposure increases the risk of skin and lip cancer of the mouth.
  • If undetected, approximately 50% of people will die from oral cancer.

These facts are not meant to frighten you, but rather to educate you on the realities of oral cancer. The most important fact to remember is that early detection and treatment is crucial. Early detection can mean the difference between life and death. If you visit your dentist for no other reason, go for oral cancer checks and detection. Contemporary Family Dentistry has the tools to catch oral cancers early.


In the past, the high mortality rate with oral cancer was largely due to the inability to discover and diagnose this disease. Thanks to better technologies, however, it’s easier than ever to detect oral cancer in its earliest stages. Although some forms of oral cancer do not exhibit early signs, many do. Going to the dentist regularly for physical exams can help discover early signs of oral cancer, and start treatment right away. Signs or cancer may include:

White or red spots or sores within the mouth, including on the lips, gums, cheek lining, tongue, and palate.

Sores in the mouth that do not heal within 10 to 14 days. Bleeding sores are also red flags.

Color changes of the oral tissues, as well as changes in the way the teeth fit together. Lumps, rough spots, thickening, or crusts may also point to oral cancer.

Pain, tenderness, sensitivity, or numbness anywhere in the mouth or lips. Difficulty chewing, swallowing, or moving the tongue or jaw.

Oral cancer in its early stages can be painless and show little to no physical changes. In many cases, however, your dentist can notice tissue changes or signs of cancer. If your dentist sees something suspicious, he or she can order tests to diagnose the issue. If it is cancer, you can explore your treatment options. Early diagnosis is the best chance you can give yourself for recovery. Call our office today to schedule an oral checkup!

If you need dental x-rays, we have the equipment to do them right in our office. We won’t pass you off to other offices or dentists – you can come to us for all of your family dentistry needs. Exams and x-rays can speak volumes about the state of your smile, and help us discuss potential solutions to issues you’re experiencing. We can identify problems like cysts, tumors, decay, and teeth that have yet to come in. Our advanced, digital radiography is the latest technology for our patients. It reduces radiation exposure, gives instant viewing, and is environmentally friendly!

We want you to completely understand your needs, and make an educated, informed decision about treatment with our help. You’ll find the solutions you need at our Bend office!


Sports – they’re all fun and games until someone loses a tooth! Wearing a sports mouth guard is highly important for youngsters and adults involved in many types of sports. Football, baseball, hockey, soccer, and many other sports put players at risk of striking their mouths on other players, equipment, or the ground. If you or your child plays a sport, here’s why you need to come to Contemporary Family Dentistry for a custom sports mouth guard.


Injuries to your mouth, jaw, and teeth don’t just affect the way you look. They can take quite a toll on your wallet. While routine checkups and visits to your dentist’s office won’t break the bank, having to undergo more serious procedures to repair sports-related damage is where the big costs come in. Prevention is always better than cure when it comes to issues with your teeth. Investing in a customized sports mouth guard from Contemporary Family Dentistry can save you considerable money on injuries down the road. The guard will take the brunt of the trauma, not your teeth.


Losing an adult tooth is a permanent problem. Sure, you can get excellent replacements in the form of bridges, implants, or dentures, but you can never replace your real missing tooth. Similarly, there is no way to re-grow a chipped tooth. You will have to get fillings or tooth bonding to repair the chipped or broken area. You can avoid all of this hassle by protecting your real teeth when playing sports.

Sports mouth guards fit effortlessly over the teeth, reducing the risk of injury by up to 60 percent, according to the American Dental Association. It is an important piece of sports equipment that can prevent tooth cracks, breaks, and losses. Mouth guards can also prevent serious damage to the roots of the teeth, as well as injuries to the jaw and mouth, such as tongue injuries or jawbone fractures. Some studies even suggest that mouth guards reduce the risk of sports-related concussions!


Don’t let fear of discomfort prevent you from wearing a sports mouth guard. With a customized, properly fitting guard from your dentist, you’ll hardly feel the device. It will stay in place and protect from injuries, while still allowing you to talk and breathe. Our office uses modern technologies to create molds and imprints of your mouth, so we can make a mouth guard that fits your teeth like a glove. In addition to being more comfortable, custom sports mouth guards do a better job of protecting your teeth, lips, tongue, face, and jaw than off-the-shelf versions.

Using a sports mouth guard during practices and games can be the smartest decision you make this season. Whether you play a contact sport such as wrestling or football, or a sport like mountain biking and snowboarding, you can benefit from a custom sports mouth guard. It’s the best way to protect your smile and your health while you play. Visit our conveniently located office in Bend today for more information about a custom sports mouth guard!

If you need dental x-rays, we have the equipment to do them right in our office. We won’t pass you off to other offices or dentists – you can come to us for all of your family dentistry needs. Exams and x-rays can speak volumes about the state of your smile, and help us discuss potential solutions to issues you’re experiencing. We can identify problems like cysts, tumors, decay, and teeth that have yet to come in. Our advanced, digital radiography is the latest technology for our patients. It reduces radiation exposure, gives instant viewing, and is environmentally friendly!

We want you to completely understand your needs, and make an educated, informed decision about treatment with our help. You’ll find the solutions you need at our Bend office!

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