Losing an adult tooth doesn’t have to mean living with an uncomfortable or unsightly gap for the rest of your life. Modern dentistry has a number of solutions for filling in missing teeth. One of the most popular tooth replacement options is a dental implant. Implants resemble real teeth more than other replacement options. They are permanent fixtures in your mouth, with artificial roots that fuse straight to your jawbone. There are two components necessary to restore your tooth – the implant, which is the part that attaches to the jawbone and most resembles the root of the tooth, and the implant crown, which is the hardware that attaches to the implant and most

resembles the tooth. With proper care, dental implants from Contemporary Family Dentistry can last a lifetime!


Implants don’t have to be scary. Our team excels at making even the most intense dental procedures a breeze for our patients. We prioritize patient comfort with painless, stress-free procedure options. We take the time to completely explain the process so you can feel safe and confident in what we’re doing. While each case is unique, here is the general process you can expect if you choose to receive dental implants with us:

  1. Consultation and initial exam. First, we’ll get to know you during a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Henderson or one of our other dentists or hygienists. We’ll talk about your goals for your smile and how we can help you achieve them. Your exam may include x-rays so we can get a clear picture of your teeth, gums, and roots. If you decide dental implants are for you, we’ll get started with preparation right away!
  2. Preparation for the implant. If you want to replace a damaged tooth with an implant or you lack the bone necessary for an implant to be placed, some preparation may be necessary. You will then go through a healing period that may last a few months.
  3. Placement of the implant. Once we believe the site is in prime condition to receive the implant, your jawbone will be anesthetized and an implant will be placed into the bone. You will again have to go through a period of healing before an implant crown can be placed onto your implant. Your jawbone growing around the implant and fusing with it is what makes this replacement so strong!
  4. Placement of the implant crowns. When the jaw bone has fused with the implant, Dr. Henderson and the team will begin the process to create a new tooth for you (called an implant crown) to match the shape, look, and feel of your existing teeth. This requires molds of your existing teeth and jawbone. Finally, we’ll place your final implant crown for a beautiful and functional finished product.

At Contemporary Family Dentistry, you no longer have to be scared to get procedures like dental implants done. We are friendly and talented, using the latest in dental science and technology to give our patients the best possible experiences. We have multiple sedation options, so don’t let fear keep you from being whole again. Being afraid doesn’t have to prevent you from enjoying a perfect smile or chewing your favorite meal. Our team makes replacing missing teeth easy and highly rewarding. Reach out to our office today for more information about dental implants!

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