The Psychology of a Smile

When you crack a smile, you probably don’t consider the science of it – yet smiles are intricately linked with human psychology. The state of your smile is closely tied to self-worth and self-confidence. Your smile can say a lot about you…for better or worse. When you have a smile that shines, you may be surprised at the doors it opens for you.

Smiling and Confidence

One of the ways smiling is linked with the brain is the element of self-worth that comes the appearance of your teeth. The teeth are some of the first things people notice about you – or at least, that’s what you might think if you’re not 100 percent happy with your smile. Having teeth that are discolored or crooked can make you feel like you can’t smile openly. This in turn can lead to lower self-confidence. If you’re confident with your smile, you can be confident with other aspects of your life. A good smile could be the key to a more outgoing you.

Smiling and First Impressions

Believe it or not, a good smile can actually help you get a better job. Research shows that smiling as naturally as possible, using your teeth, can show that you’re enthusiastic about the job prospect and that you have energy to put into the career. Smiling can send the message that you’re friendly, excited, and willing to work. When you feel good about your smile, you can show it off in confidence during job interviews and when meeting new people – conveying the right message for the situation.

Smiling and Personal Connections

Smiling has ties with social etiquette and social situations. Charles Darwin made observations about the nature of smiling, and believed that smiling is an outward manifestation of happiness that can connect us with others. When you have a bright, shining smile, you may find that making social relationships comes easier. Humans are wired to connect with others through the system of smiling. It has even been shown that people with facial paralysis who cannot smile have a tough time in social situations.

How’s the Psychology of Your Smile?

The psychology of a smile is something you can use to your advantage when your pearly whites speak for you. A minor change in your smile can have dramatic effect on your life. If you don’t feel confident in your teeth, take steps toward achieving the smile you’ve always wanted. A winning smile could change your life.


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